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Detect security vulnerabilities and protect your software deployed anywhere

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Continuous and Accurate Vulnerability Detection

Find and fix security vulnerabilities at DevOps speed. Benefit from the best accuracy in the market as measured by 100 score in the OWASP Benchmark test.

Secure your code, faster

IAST technology finds more types of security vulnerabilities, with no false positives, in real time. Fix problems quickly thanks to full vulnerability details. Easy to integrate into your pipeline to automate the vulnerability detection.

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Validate dependencies with SCA

With runtime approach, there is no need to have access to the source code, so any third party dependencies, such as open source and legacy components, are also part of the security analysis.

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Fully integrated and automated

All teams -not only developers- can perform vulnerability assessment with no need to run lengthy scans that block your pipeline. Secure your entire SDLC in real time.

Faster time to market

Accelerate release cadence while maintaining maximum security. Security automation allows to reduce and eliminate manual security validation activities. ROI.

Reduce breach and compliance risk

Fewer security vulnerabilities means smaller security breaches and compliance costs. Hdiv finds more types of security problems due to context awareness.

Protect Applications and APIs Deployed Anywhere

Block and monitor attacks to your applications, microservices, and APIs with the most advanced runtime protection technology. When the external perimeter approach is not enough, leverage the full context visibility of the RASP technology.

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Dramatic false positive reduction

Better context visibility means more accurate security analysis.

Cloud native

Protection becomes code and your apps remain protected wherever they go, no need to update configs or relearn your application.

Higher protection

Reduction in breaches and incidents.

Full visibility of your security

Custom code vulnerabilities, dependency vulnerabilities, hardcoded secrets, rogue APIs, sensitive data leaks, and all malicious attacks attempts get a full picture of the security of your critical software infrastructure.

Continuous security audit

Automate your security position audit so it is always up to date.

All security elements

Full visibility includes security bugs, insecure dependencies and operations data such as attack and exploit logging.

Real-time reporting

Integrations with the tools your team already uses, and generation of security standard reports such as OWASP Top 10 and PCI.



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