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Hdiv Enterprise Edition (Hdiv EE) released!

29.05.2015 - Author

HDIV Enterprise is a commercial version of HDIV open-source product that includes exclusive functionalities and enterprise level support services. It is offered as part of a HDIV Enterprise Subscription and improves the security, scalability and usability of previous versions.

Hdiv Developer Toolbar released!

07.05.2015 - Author

HDIV has announced today the release of Developer Edition (HDIV DE). This makes a step forward detecting these vulnerable points, SQL Injection and XSS, within the source code in runtime, just browsing your web site.

HDIV 2.1.7 released

09.09.2014 - Author

This new HDIV release adds new important improvements within HDIV core architecture. In addition to minor updates there are 8 important aspects added to this new release.