This new HDIV release adds new important improvements within HDIV core architecture. In addition to minor updates there are 8 important aspects added to this new release:

  • Performance: the HDIV architecture has been revised in order to reduce response time overhead. This new  HDIV release overhead is less than 1 ms per request,  also in stress situations with many requests per second.
  • Memory consumption: the improvements are only available within memory strategy and improves between 30-60% the memory consumption comparing with previous releases.
  • Thymeleaf support: New ‘hdiv-thymeleaf’ module for Thymeleaf template engine support.
  • Default error page: create default error page content if no errorPage is configured.
  • JavaConfig support: Spring >= 4.0.0 is required to use JavaConfig and @EnableHdivWebSecurity feature.
  • Spring Security CSRF token integration: Both, HDIV and Spring Security CSRF tokens are created and two RequestDataValueProcessor implementations works together. HDIV adds complementary security functionalities not provided by Spring Security: avoids parameter tampering attacks, applies XSS and SQL injection detection rules within text fields, log detected attacks, applies confidentiality to parameter values, avoids extra parameters, avoids cookie tampering).
  • ‘reuseExistingPageInAjaxRequest’ configuration option:  If it is activated, Ajax requests don’t create a new page and reuse the existing one.
  • longLivingPages’ feature: new feature to configure pages which link and forms never expire.

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