Hdiv EE


HDIV Enterprise is a commercial version of HDIV open-source product that includes exclusive functionalities and enterprise level support services. It is offered as part of a HDIV Enterprise Subscription and improves the security, scalability and usability of previous versions . In addition to the functionalities offered by the Community and Developer editions, this version will also provide:

  • A web console to easily monitor and administer HDIV in production environments, reporting the detected attacks in real time
  • Source code vulnerability detection for production web sites reporting them within HDIV web console
  • Advanced clustering. This feature is specifically aimed at large companies and will allow HDIV application in complex and highly demanding web applications.
  • Provision of alerts, to inform of attacks through other different interfaces (email, sms, etc.)
  • Tracking and analysis of IP reputation for protection against any attack from malicious sources such as blocking large scale Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) or botnet attacks. (Coming soon)
  • Analysis of uploaded files: HDIV EE will include a feature to analyse uploaded files, using antivirus solutions. This reduces the possibility of hosting malware within the web site. (Coming soon)



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