Cloud Ready Security

The move to cloud computing has totally changed the way we deploy and manage applications. This new scenario offers previously unheard of flexibility, scalability and speed to run any kind of applications and the security must also fit with this new way of working to manage applications.

Legacy security approaches based on additional hardware and network elements do not offer native integration in this new scenario, whereas Hdiv is integrated by design without changing the deployment model and approach offered by cloud infrastructures.

100% Software Solution

Hdiv is based 100% on software that is deployed within your applications, which means that there is no need for any additional hardware component. In addition, and thanks to this integrated approach, within the application there is no centralized entry point as WAF solutions require, so your network deployment model remains exactly the same.

Linear scalability and affordance cost

Hdiv's integrated and lightweight approach requires no additional hardware and can work with the default hardware assigned to your applications. This means it is adaptable and scalable to your applications, removing the usual added hardware costs associated with traditional security solutions.

Deploy Everywhere

Hdiv supports any kind of cloud environments, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Docker containers and PaaS cloud infrastructures such as Cloud Foundry.

Amazon EC2
Microsft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Foundry



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