Software Development Life Cycle

From Development

All Hdiv tools are designed to be integrated from the very beginning of the software development lifecycle and in each developer workstation. This is to promote interactive application security testing and early vulnerability detection. Simultaneously, the security configuration which will be used in production is constantly being tested. This avoids a delay in implementing it in production or pre-production servers as all the components have already been checked to ensure they are working as expected.

Developer Key Features

  • Early vulnerability detection
  • Protection features are integrated & tested from development phase
  • Developer-ready tools such as Hdiv Toolbar or Maven plugins

To Production

Hdiv tools are production ready, their main goal being to lever their protection features in order to prevent any attack to the application. At the same time, detection features remain active, so any vulnerability not found previously can be detected and reported to the console.

System administrators can monitor Hdiv protected applications and receive alert notifications whenever an event occurs so that they can take any action necessary.

Production Key Features

  • Scalable/Cloud-ready/Failproof
  • Detection/Protection features
  • Monitoring & real time notifications