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Type Detection
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Compliance PCI DSS

The use of a weak password increases the chance of password guessing tremendously, which makes it easier for attackers to compromise user accounts. A weak password is short, common, a system default, or something that could be rapidly guessed by executing a brute force attack using a subset of all possible passwords, such as words in the dictionary, proper names, words based on the user name or common variations on these themes.

The minimun acceptable requirement should be 8 or more characters and a combination of letters, digits and symbols

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How to solve it

The simplest and cheapest solution is the introduction of a strong password policy that ensures password length, complexity, reuse and aging.

An example of how to have proper password constraints during registration in Spring could be:

First create a custom constraint

@Constraint(validatedBy = PasswordConstraintValidator.class)
public @interface ValidPassword {

    String message() default "Invalid Password";

    Class<?>[] groups() default {};

    Class<? extends Payload>[] payload() default {};


And use it in our user dto

private String password;

Now we create the password validator PasswordConstraintValidator – and we'll define the rules for the password

public class PasswordConstraintValidator implements ConstraintValidator<ValidPassword, String> {

    public void initialize(ValidPassword arg0) {

    public boolean isValid(String password, ConstraintValidatorContext context) {
        PasswordValidator validator = new PasswordValidator(Arrays.asList(
           new LengthRule(8, 30), 
           new UppercaseCharacterRule(1), 
           new DigitCharacterRule(1), 
           new SpecialCharacterRule(1), 
           new NumericalSequenceRule(3,false), 
           new AlphabeticalSequenceRule(3,false), 
           new QwertySequenceRule(3,false),
           new WhitespaceRule()));

        RuleResult result = validator.validate(new PasswordData(password));
        if (result.isValid()) {
            return true;
        return false;

And finally we import Passay library in out pom.xml