Configuration options for PHP Agent. They are modifiable using Hdiv Toolbar configuration page or more generally using environment variables.

Property Type Description
php.run.dir string Set this to any existing directory that can be read, written and traversed (g+rwX). It will be used by the agent and core to store runtime files.
hdiv.config.dir string Same as above. It will be used by the core. It can be the same as php.run.dir.
hdiv.mandatory.app.name string The name of your app.
hdiv.mandatory.app.version string The current version of your app.
php.core.[platform].bin string On the key, change [platform] to the one the architecture chosen at installation. It can be: java, linux, macos, windows (e.g: php.core.linux.bin). The value must be the full path of the core, including the file name.