Our Company

Who we are

Hdiv Security is a leading provider of security software for real-time, self-protected applications, being the first company worldwide to offer protection against security bugs and design flaws from SDLC. Since 2008, we have pioneered self-protection software and today, Hdiv integrates with leading commercial software providers such as Spring and Grails.

The company is privately held and headquartered in San Sebastián (Spain) and complies with standards set by European and North American cyber security agencies.

Our philosophy

Hdiv takes a fundamentally different approach to application security. Our philosophy is one of enabling more secure software, not creating more security software. The traditional approach has always been to secure applications after their development. Hdiv protects them from the beginning, during application development to solve the root causes of risks, as well as after the applications are placed in production.

Our solutions

Hdiv solutions enable you to deliver holistic, all-in-one solutions that protect applications from the inside while simplifying implementation across a range of environments. Hdiv eliminates the need for teams to acquire security expertise, automating self-protection to greatly reduce operations costs.

Our clients

Hdiv clients include global enterprises in banking, government, retail, technology, and aerospace, and the company is deeply engaged with the open source community, offering developments, insights, and new standards to advance security innovation.

Financial Services

4 of the Top 10 U.S. banks

3 of the Top 10 European banks

1 of the Top 2 Credit Card companies

1 of the most important ATM networks


Public Sector

3 U.S. government organizations

4 European government IT services departments

4 Asia government departments


3 of the Top 20 U.S. retail companies

1 of the Top 20 Asia retail companies


Industrial Sector

1 of the Top 5 World electrical energy companies

1 of the Top 5 World logistic companies

Groupe Caisse des Depots
Standard Chartered Bank
Polaris Consulting and Services Limited
Intercom Enterprises
Fidelity Investments
Government of India